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A running club for startups and investors

​1Pushup$1 Challenge

Great job and congratulations for attempting the Challenge!  For every 1 pushup you (and your team) completed more than SEED Ventures, you will be funded $1 as promised.  At this stage, the SV team would have responded to you and you should be aware of how much funding you will receive.

Funding you have won = #pushups from your Company - #pushups from SV

This site serves to provide information on how the funding cycle works.

Pay-and-Claim System

  • Step 1 - You should receive a direct message (DM) in Tiktok containing a link that brought you here.

  • Step 2 - Select any merchant featured on SV's Tiktok site and make your purchase.  Notable merchants include:​

  • Step 2 - Email the following information to

    • Name and phone number of each challenger (if more than 1 director, please indicate managing director)

    • A copy of your business' Bizfile from ACRA

    • A copy of the receipt from Merchant

    • A URL of the tiktok video showing your Challenge​

      Title the email "1Pushup$1 Challenge"


  • Step 3 - Your funding credits will be transferred to the managing director's Paynow account within 7 working days


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the 1pushup$1 challenge about?

    1. It is SV's effort to promote good fitness and funding​

  2. I have attempted it.  How much funding did I win?

    1. Funding you have won = #pushups from your Company - #pushups from SV

  3. How do I claim my funding?

    1. Please follow the 3 steps indicated above, or you may email us at

  4. Why not cash?

    1. The funding is paid out in cash, on a pay-and-claim system.

  5. What is the timeline?

    1. The funding will be released within 7 days of step 2.​

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