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Companies SV Invests In:

  • Company founders that 'match' with us in terms of communication, execution styles & beliefs

  • Proof of distribution & sales

  • Scalable and recurring income streams

  • Founders who are candid to audits and make full disclosures

  • Founders who are PhDs: "poor, hungry and determined" (at least 2 out of 3)



  • Pre-seed and seed-stage companies ONLY

  • Investment quantum: ~SGD500,000

  • Possible investment structures:

    • Opex, Purchase Order financing

    • Venture-debt (loan that comes with an equity-kicker for the investor).  Click here.

    • Straight-up equity

    • Royalties

    • Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

  • Co-investment (matching style: SV may invest a few dollars for every dollar raised by the Company)

  • Equity ask: usually 5-15% of the company

  • Investment tenure: 2 - 4 years

  • Portfolio companies MUST be domiciled in Singapore

    Companies SV Does NOT Invest In:

  • Founders who are unwilling to put themselves on the line ("wantrepreneurs" need NOT apply​)

  • Unresponsive/irresponsible founding teams

  • Lack of proper documentation; unwillingness to focus on Standard Operating Procedures and compliance standards

  • Businesses that portray themselves to be 'perfect' or 'revolutionary'

    Conflict of Interest and Controls:

  • SEED expects all its investees to conduct business properly and legally.

  • To ensure operational independence between SEED and service providers, SEED adopts a ​​​3-quote system so that transactions can be conducted at an arms-length manner. 

  • Investees are encouraged to perform research before appointing any service provider for their business needs.

  • Anyone suspicious of any illegal activity may provide feedback here.


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