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Hawker culture in Singapore has been officially added to the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  Read more here.

SEED Ventures' "HOT" (Hawkers On-Track) Programme

To hone the Government's efforts to uplift SG's unique hawker culture, SEED Ventures (SV) will invest into existing or aspiring "hawkerpreneurs" seeking funding to start, grow or save their hawker or restaurant businesses.  For every dollar committed by the hawkerpreneur, SV will invest a dollar, up to a maximum of $10,000.

Suitable for:

  1. first-time entrepreneurs including mid-streamers

  2. aspiring hawkerpreneurs seeking to enter the hawker trade 

  3. hawkerpreneurs leveraging social media, IT and automation to hone their businesses

  4. existing hawkerpreneurs intending to scale up by opening more stalls, or even restaurants

  5. those affected by Covid-19 (retrenched, bankrupts, in litigation etc) 

Apart from  the investment which is in the form of an interest-free loan (more info here) , hawkerpreneurs may also receive strategic resources to scale up to open more stalls or even enter the franchise business if they desire.  SV will require advisory shares of at least 2% in return.

3-minutes to Apply, Receive Application Results Immediately

To apply, please fill up this form


Applicants will receive an in-principle approval* stating an initial investment amount of $5,000 to $10,000 instantaneously, if eligible.

As Investor, SV is prepared to:

  1. provide interest-free loans of between $5,000 to $10,000 to outfit stalls, or pay rental/payroll etc

  2. provide professional services such as social media marketing/ accounting/ operations at cost

  3. provide green-lanes to strategic partners for corporate purchases to increase sales, or to reduce cost where possible

  4. help scale up the business by bringing in more investors or strategic business experts

    More info is available here.

What This Programme Is Not About:

  1. not a grant.  It is an equity investment in the form of an interest-free loan

  2. not for hawkers comfortable with doing things the 'old way' without technology or an intent to scale

  3. not for persons unable/unwilling to embrace technology or social media

  4. not for persons unable/unwilling to account to stakeholders such as staff, investors or business partners

HOT vs Bank Loans:

  1. Strategic Help.  SV is prepared to help by way of connections and advice.  Banks don't do that.

  2. No Admin Fees.​  No sign-up fees or interests charges.  Credit card loans impose annual fees, processing fees and interest rates at around 24.7% per annum.  

  3. Quick Approval.  Immediate approval*.  Funds are credited within 5 working days.  Minimum paperwork involved.  It may take weeks to get an approval from banks.

  4. Accessible.  Any Singaporean local above the age of 18 can apply, even those without proof of income, 1st-time entrepreneurs or fresh graduates.  Banks require such supporting documents.



  1. SG-based businesses owned and operated by at least 2 locals (PR or SC) above the age of 18.

  2. Personal guarantees from both founders

  3. Appointment of SV's preferred accounting partner.


3-minutes to Apply; Receive Application Results Immediately


To apply, please fill up this form


You will receive an in-principle approval* stating the investment amount of between $5,000 to $10,000 instantaneously, if you are eligible.

- @@@@@@@@@@ -


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I do not have a background in Business.  Can I apply?

    • Certainly.  HOT is designed for 1st-timers.

  2. I run a hawker stall but am not savvy with technology and do not intend to open more stalls.  Am I suitable?

    • This initiative may not be suitable for you, as it is designed for those seeking to leverage on technology to scale.

  3. How does the investment work?

    • In return for an equity stake (SV will become an investor in the business), SV will provide a gamut of resources to help start, grow or save the business.​  

  4. How big is the investment?

    • Between $5,000 to $10,000.

  5. What if I need more than $10,000?

    • Possible.  SV is prepared to further fund the company if necessary, especially if its for scaling the company.

  6. Why is it on a co-investment basis?​

    • To ensure the hawkerpreneur is committed to put his/her money where his/her mouth is.  

  7. How much shares does SV require?

    • Depending on the business plan and amount required, but usually between 2% to 20%.  An actual amount will be agreed upon by both parties, before ratifying the deal.

  8. What is SV's return-on-investment for doing this?

    • Capital gains.  SV typically seeks a 2X return within 2 to 4 years when it invests.

  9. Is SV a broker for others or acting on behalf of a Government agency?

    • No and no.  SV is a private venture capital company, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.  It does not represent brokers or Government agencies.

  10. What is SV's track record in terms of helping startups?

    • SV has been working to uplift schools, startups and the society for years.  Read more here.

  11. What kind of support will I receive?

    • Support in the form of increasing sales, additional funding as well as social media publicity and general awareness.

  12. What is the timeline?

    • Fill up this form.  Receive approval* immediately if eligible.

    • Submission of required documents.  A few days.

    • Funding credited into your corporate account.  Within 5 days of contract signing.

    • Hawker business commences.  

  13. What if I change my mind after accepting the investment?

    • Nothing happens.  The investment can be rescinded and voided anytime within 14 days of ratifying the Share Purchase Agreement.  There are no financial penalties, interests payable, admin charges or claims of any sort.

  14. What is the catch?

    • There is no catch.  The loan is interest-free, and no other charges (admin fees, sign-up fees etc) apply.

  15. Can I remain as a sole-proprietor to run my hawker stall after the investment is granted?

    • You will have to convert to a Pte Ltd, which is a form of business entity that allows you to take on shareholders.  This also ensures that the business is run in the proper manner with protection for the business owners/directors.

  16. Am I expected to pitch?

    • Yes, all prospective investees are expected to pitch to SV's panel of investors on its weekly "Ask-a-VC Clinic" on Zoom.  

  17. Ok I am keen to find out more.  What is the next step?

*In-principle approval.  Funding will be credited within 5 business days, upon the submission of all required documents.

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