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Entrepreneurship is a great equaliser.  It does not matter if you are male or female, a business veteran or a school student.  If you have a good idea, we will help you achieve it.


> Oct 2017 - Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Business is indeed a great equaliser when you have primary 6 students pitching their business ideas in front of peers, teachers and us!  Can you believe they are taught the "4Ps" in Primary school?




> Jan 2017 - Ngee Ann Secondary School

In conjunction with Spirit of Enterprise Award.  Mini-preneurs from Ngee Ann Secondary School with a lot of zeal.





> 2016 - Nanyang Technological University

Entrepreneurs-to-be with a lot of academic credentials.




> 2016 - Nanyang Technological University

Midstream-preneurs from Wuhan Chamber of Commerce with a bit more experience under their belts.





> 2016 - Singapore Management University

Start-ups require more than just financing, they need mentorship and services.

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