Entrepreneurship is a great equaliser.  It does not matter if you are male or female, a business veteran or a school student.  If you have a good idea, we will help you achieve it.


Jan 20 - SEED Ventures x Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NIEI, Cambodia)

Over a 2-day period, SV was hosted by NIEI.  The trip involved discussions about collaborations between the organisations as well as site visits.  Mr Ian Gan also spent some time to interact with some local entrepreneurs.

Dec 19 - Visit by Cambodia's Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

IOn the 4th of Dec 19, delegates from NIEI visited SEED Ventures at its Somerset HQ. Our CEO, Mr Ian Gan, presented to the delegates the VC landscape in Singapore, its work in the VC capital markets as well as collaborative possibilities between NIEI and SV.

The NIEI is a state-run institution which functions under the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT). It was established by the Government of Cambodia.

NIEI focuses on the following entrepreneurship related activities to help create an entrepreneurial environment in Cambodia in which, entrepreneurship germinates and grows (i) Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for New enterprise Creation, (ii) Performance Improvement and Growth Programme for existing entrepreneurs and more.

Nov 19 - School of Business Management, Nanyang Polytechnic

In NYP -School of Business Management's Entrepreneurship module, students are taught to use the Lean Business Model Canvas (LBMC) and Design Thinking concepts to develop their business ideas.  Students have only recently formed their groups and are at the early stage of problem validation and ideating solutions.

The mentors are involved to:

1. Listen to their elaboration of the Lean Business Model Canvas
2. Provide opinions about the Problem they have identified

Thanks for inviting SEED Ventures.

Nov 19 - Master of Business Administration, National University of Singapore



Spent our Saturday morning at NUS hearing out 5 MBA teams.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has a long tradition in excellence and a first-rate reputation that is well–known throughout the world and was ranked 17th in the world by Financial Times (FT) Global MBA rankings for 2019.

The NUS MBA provides an energising forum for growth and discovery that prepares its students for leadership roles in today’s competitive global marketplace. Merging East and West, the MBA curriculum integrates Western business models and leadership tenets from a distinctly Asian perspective. More info here:

Thanks for inviting #seedventures ProfessorVirginia Cha, and nice to see you guys Vishal from 500 Startups and Tim from AHREFS. 

More on SEED Ventures' contribution to the community:

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Sept 19 - International Design Conference by the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Mr Ian Gan represented #seedventures as guest panelist in this prestigious event.

Launched in 2017, the IDC is a thought leadership event that celebrates the intersection of business and design, where breakthroughs are the norm and ideas big and bold are unleashed. The IDC embodies the ethos of Design Center – to nurture a strong community of creatives, and to act as a catalyst for the design community to thrive. Design Center, an attached agency of the DTI, is the only national agency for design committed to cultivating a culture that thrives in creativity, value creation, and innovation.

Thames International started in 1999 as the country’s first international college offering UK based programs in Business Administration, Communication Arts, and Information Technology. Thames is also the pioneer in entrepreneurship education through the Entrepreneurs’ School of Asia.

Thank you Design Center Executive Director Rhea O. Matute and President of Thames International Business School Joel Santos for the invitation and the warm hospitality.

Aug 19 - School of Business Management, Nanyang Polytechnic

The new "EnterpPitch" module (BM4401) is a pitching exercise by students to industry practitioners.

Each round of pitching consisted of 7 – 8 groups of students who pitched for 3 minutes. Assessors had 2 minutes to complete a scoresheet. The assessment is on the group’s ability to convince that:

1. The problem is worth solving
2. There is a market for the product
3. The idea is viable for incubation or pre start-up stage

Thank you Eugene Low Benson Ong Esther Ho for inviting SEED Ventures. 

Jul 19 - 360deg SMART Bootcamp 2019 July - by Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)

The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) is a major research enterprise established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in partnership with the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) in 2007. 

SMART is MIT's first, and to-date only, research centre outside the United States. It is also MIT's largest international research programme. MIT faculty members have laboratories at SMART, mentor postdoctoral associates and graduate students, and collaborate with researchers from universities, research institutes and industries in Singapore and Asia.


Our Chairman, Mr Ian Gan, attended as panelist.

Thank you to Dr Virginia Cha for the invitation.

Jun 19 - STPI x NUS x SV

The Science and Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI) of Taiwan x National University of Singapore (NUS) x SEED Ventures (SV)


Supported by NUS, 10 of Taiwan's top startups spent the morning with SV to gain business insights pertaining to company formation and funding matters.  As the national think-tank of policies, STPI partners with universities to support local and international startups.…


Thank you for the invitation.

Jun 19 - Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore'

The "Medical Grand Challenge is a medical innovation initiative started by the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine of NUS. 

It is a new accelerator program whereby medical students work in multi-disciplinary teams with undergraduates from other faculties such as Computing, Engineering, and Business, to develop creative solutions that solve the unmet healthcare needs of today. 

#seedventures attended to help MGC participants gain new perspectives on the practical feasibility and sustainability of implementing solutions for unmet healthcare needs.

Thank you for the invitation.

May 19 - Nanyang Polytechnic: "EntrepConnect"

"EntrepConnect" is a pitching event where students of Nanyang Polytechnic come to share their business ideas with business mentors via a “speed-dating” format.  In all, more than 300 students benefited from the event.

Thank you Mr Eugene Ong, School of Business Management for the invitation.

Apr 19 - Entrepreneurship - SPinOff by Singapore Polytechnic

"Entrepreneurship" is a 15-week business course targeting existing students, alumni and CET adult students.  Offered by SPinOff, the course seeks to bridge participants to industry practitioners.  Mr Ian Gan conducted the sharing session and covered the topic of creating opportunities from problems, from a VC's standpoint.

Thank you to the director of SPinOff, Mr Neelash and the Operations Manager, Mr Rafael for the invitation

Feb 19 - Alipay-NUS Enterprise, Social Innovation Challenge

The Alipay-NUS Enterprise Social Innovation Challenge is a joint initiative to seek out the most innovative social impact enterprises, with a focus on digital technology towards building an inclusive society. Top innovations may potentially receive further support to amplify their positive impact on society.

The challenge will be accessible to all innovators/start-ups which aim to achieve social impact in Singapore and/or Southeast Asia (starting with Indonesia and Malaysia first) by leveraging digital technology to solve social issues relating to equality development and opportunities.The proposed challenge aims to attract start-ups that are ready to scale based on proof of concepts. Up to 10 start-ups will be shortlisted in each country where on-site pitching will be carried out.

Our CEO, Mr Ian Gan attended as competition judge.

Feb 19 - New Business Ventures, INSEAD

SV's CEO Mr Ian Gan spent the morning at #INSEAD as venture judge for a business pitching event.

As a capstone event to their MBA course, Prof Virginia Cha's New Business Ventures class featured 9 international teams that pitched their businesses ideas to VCs from Singapore and India in search of industry insights and validation.  The pitches covered a range of industries from insect-protein to Fin-tech.

Thanks for the invitation.

Feb 19 - Entrepreneurship Day, School of Business (SBM), Nanyang Polytechnic

Members of SEED Ventures attended the Entrepreneurship Day as Guest Judges. 

In the school's approach to create value in every student, the SBM accorded their Year 3 Entrepreneurship students the opportunity to demonstrate their learning through a project based on their business ideas and presented in a business plan.  The grand purpose is to inculcate in the students a sense of creative thinking, problem solving and the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set.

To supplement student-learning and as a final evaluation of the Entrepreneurship module, the students are required to present their business ideas to a judging panel comprising of venture capitalists, seasoned business owners and corporate gatekeepers.

Feb 19 - Marshiling Secondary School

SEED Ventures spent a morning with the students and staff of the school, as part of the Education & Career Guidance programme.

Jan 19 - Singapore Management University x Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART)


This programme by the Singapore Management University (SMU) in partnership with the Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), aims to develop a pool of entrepreneurial leaders and market savvy professionals who want to take up a leadership role in commercializing high potential deep technology projects.

The teams comprising of scientists and business practitioners pitched their endeavours in the deep-tech/ bio-medical space such as cell-filtration, IOT and logistics optimisation silos.  SEED Ventures' scope was to evaluate the investment potential for these companies under formation.

Thanks to the SMU x SMART team for inviting SV.

Jan 19 - Tokyo Metropolitan Government x Nanyang Polytechnic

NYP hosted female entrepreneurs from the Acceleration Program for Tokyo female entrepreneurs(APT) to promote women entrepreneurship in Tokyo.  The visit to Singapore is part of the program that saw the entrepreneurs attending workshops on the Singapore business environment as well as startup market entry strategies.  Mr Ian Gan (CEO, SEED Ventures) and Mr Alvin Lim (Partner BD, SEED Ventures) attended as mentors for the event.

Jan 19 - SPinOff, Singapore Polytechnic

SPinOFF, The Entrepreneurship Centre by Singapore Polytechnic conducted a workshop on Entrepreneurial Finance for its CET and PET students.  On the invitation of Centre director Mr Neelesh Bhatia, Mr Ian Gan (Founder, SV) and Mr Alvin Lim (Partner for BD, SV) engaged the adult and student-preneurs over topics of business finance and Entrepreneurship on a whole.

Jan 19 - School of Engineering, NYP

The School of Engineering, Nanyang Polytechnic, hosted a seminar on Entrepreneurship for 250 students.  Practising entrepreneurs were invited to give a sharing session on their individual entrepreneurship journeys and their takes on the Entrepreneurship as a whole.

Dec 18 - Platform E by Singapore Institute of Management

Platform E hosted "Funding Myths" by SEED Ventures, where the truth of getting funded by smart money, and the surrounding misconceptions, was revealed in a candid, cosy fireside chat, with Ian Gan, Chairman, and Alvin Lim, Business Development Partner, leading the discussion.

Nov 18 - SEED Ventures x Nanyang Polytechnic

SV and NYP entered into a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) to make available industry resources for NYP's student and alumni cohort of more than 15,000.  The scope of the MOU covers Training, Mentorship, Funding and Investments.

Oct 18 - A*STAR Deep-Tech Bootcamp

The Bootcamp featured teams from A*STAR displaying their innovations in the realm of Deep-Tech.  5 groups comprising of research scientists and senior management presented their work to a panel of industry practitioners, including our CEO, Mr Ian Gan.

Sep 18 - Singapore Polytechnic - Elective for Year 2s

Year 2 pitchers from various schools across the polytechnic came to pitch for a chance to be incubated in SP's accelerator, SPinOff.  The studentpreneurs pitched to a panel of 7 judges including Ms Georgina Phua (Senior Director; Business, Infocomm, Design and Environment) and the Partners from SEED Ventures, Mr Ian Gan (CEO; SV) and Mr Alvin Lim (Partner BD; SV)

Aug 18 - Diploma in Business Infocomm (Singapore Polytechnic)

The pitch session is a requirement for year 2 students to graduate.  15 teams pitched to a panel of judges over 2 days including the Centre Director, SPINOff, judges from SEED Ventures and several other industry veterans. 

Aug 18 - Outram Secondary School

As part of the Student Entrepreneur Programme for secondary schools, Mr Ian Gan was at Outram Secondary School this afternoon to meet the student-preneurs from the secondary 2 cohort.

Aug 18 - School of Business Management (NYP)

The Entrepreneurship Day is held twice yearly by the School of Business Management.  This year, more than 100 year 3 students took part in this challenge.  Mr Ian Gan was invited as guest judge to reveal pitches involving food vending machines, flowers & buses.

Top-right: Mr Norman Yeo (GM, Tangy Lab); Mr Ian Gan (an (CEO, SEED Ventures) & Mr Benson Ong (Senior Lecturer; SBM).
Bottom:  Ms Loh Chuuyi (Director, SBM) addressing the guests.

Aug 18 - Hua Yi Secondary School

As part of the School Entrepreneurship Programme, a selected group of students from the Entrepreneurship Club attended a fire-side chat with our CEO Mr Ian Gan.  The focus was on the other side of the equation of success business stories:- Failures.

Jul 18 - DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia

The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia is an Asia-wide competition for social enterprises, open to any member of the public.  Organised by NUS Enterprise in partnership with DBS Foundation, the Challenge aims to identify and support new social ventures that have the potential to generate positive, scalable and sustainable social impact.

Mr Ian Gan was invited as a judge in the semi-finals for the top 100 submissions.  The entries ranged from businesses ran by People With Disabilities(PWDs) in Hong Kong to the provision of e-scholarships to needy families in Bangladesh.

May 18 - National Research Foundation x Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) is a major research enterprise established by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in partnership with the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) in 2007.  SMART is MIT's first, and to-date only, research centre outside the United States. It is also MIT's largest international research programme. 


The SMART bootcamp seeks to take forward Deep Science/Technology to commercialisation.  Comprising of 7 teams of scientists, PhDs and faculty, each team had 7 minutes to pitch in order to win the coveted 1st prize.

Top-left:  Mr Ian Gan with the winning team "Squeeze", led by Dr Liang Yen Nan.  Top-centre: Mr Ian Gan receiving a token of appreciation from Senior Associate Director, Dr Krishna Kumar Nallur.  Bottom: PhD-preneurs led by Dr Virginia Cha.

May 18 - NYP - School of Health Sciences

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare for Final Year Nursing Projects Students.  The lecture was aimed at equipping Nursing students with resourcefulness and innovativeness to face challenges in the Healthcare industry of tomorrow.

May 18 - Jurong West Secondary School

As part of the school's efforts for the Education and Career Guidance (ECG) programme, industry practitioners were invited to provide insights in the fields of free-lancers, the corporates & business-building to the students and staff.

Photo:  Mr Ian Gan and fellow panelists

May 18 - NYP - School of Chemical & Life Sciences

The sharing with the students from the Bioenterprise module was meant to expose the students to insights from industry practitioners.  Mr Ian Gan provided a candid view of the upsides and challenges entrepreneurs face in businesses.

Apr 18 - NYP - DBS Innovation Challenge

The Challenge is a pitching contest sponsored by DBS bank.  50 multi disciplinary teams submitted 40 pitches with 10 teams graduating into the finals.  Our CEO Mr Ian Gan's mentee team, Team Maestro, emerged champions and walked away with a cash prize of $5,000.  

Photo: Mr Edward Ho [deputy Principal, NYP], Team Maestro & Mentor to the team, Mr Ian Gan (CEO, SV).

Apr 18 - SPinOFF, Singapore Polytechnic

The SPinOFF programme is a 36-week programme that seeks to nurture the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst third-year SP Diploma in Business Information Technology students.  For a start, SV's involvement will be in the areas of mentorship and possibly to provide its SEEDTank platform so as to showcase the students' ideas.

Photo: Mr Ian Gan (CEO, SV), Mr Neelesh Bhatia (Director, Innovations and Entrepreneurship), Dr Noel Kristian (Lecturer, Chemical Engineering) and Mr Alvin Lim (Partner(BD), SV).

Mar 18 - DBS Innovation Challenge 2018

More than 40 teams pit against one another for the coveted prizes of $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 for the top 3 winners.

Comprising of a 2-day boot-camp, a level-1 curation, a month-long mentorship with mentors from the industry and then finally a level-2 confirmation of the winners, this is the first time a business competition of this scale and depth has been conducted.

Group pic: Mr Ian Gan with Mr Yang Tien, Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the rest of the judging panel.

Bottom left: Mr Ian Gan with Ms Megan Ong, Director of Singapore Institute of Retail Studies and Mr Larry Seow, Senior Lecturer, Industrial Design.

Mar 2018 - St. Hildas Secondary School

Breakfast With The Entrepreneur.

Mr Ian Gan spent this morning chatting with students who are curious about the world of Entrepreneurship.  The meeting was done in a casual style to facilitate rapport & dialogue.

Mar 2018 - Chung Cheng High (Yishun) Career Day

The objective was to expose students to the different career opportunities related to their CCA and Applied Learning Programme.  Mr Ian Gan touched on soft skills (work values etc) and technical skills essential for the industries of Venture Capital and Corporate Services.

Mar 2018 - Student Conference 2018

The Student Conference is a yearly event designed to groom the entrepreneurial spirit in the students of the School of Health Sciences.  Students from the Nursing and Applied Health domains pit against one another by developing creative solutions to address issues in their respective spaces.

One such team developed a Learning Management System "Dream-CT" aimed at providing an immersive and interactive 360deg video simulation of the CT environment.  

Left: CEO Ian Gan with Dr Bala (Manager/Projects Allied Heath)

Middle: Mr Gan receiving a token of appreciation from Ms Lau Cheng Mun (Director, Allied Heath)

Right: The team behind the VR teaching tool, Dream-CT

Feb 2018 - Bioenterprise Challenge 2018

The Bioenterprise Challenge's is unlike other business challenges in which each team is required to have a bio-chemical theme. Each business team must demonstrate how 'green' or 'sustainable' their ideas are.

The winning team created an all natural pen ink that has aromatherapeutic properties.

Feb 2018 - Lean Launch Pad (NUS)

The LLP is an entrepreneurial drive to assist  PhD-preneurs to go-to-market.  

Led by Professor Wong Poh Kam, the current team of programme instructors and industry mentors consists of individuals with strong business and entrepreneurial backgrounds. 

Left: Adjunct Prof Virgina Cha, Adjunct Prof Mr Jeffrey Nah and the SV team.

> Feb 2018 - School of Business Management (NYP)

Preliminaries to the NYP-DBS business challenge to be held in end Mar 18.  More than 400 students across 78 teams completed for the coveted NYP-DBS's top prize of $5,000.


The quality of the pitches is extremely high, covering a range of ideas from building an e-shower head (yes!) to an innovative improvement of the SMRT trains' human-traffic flow system(wow!).  Our CEO Mr Ian Gan attended as guest judge.

Left.  Mr Ian Gan with his pick of the day. The management team of Studentify, a daily-deals cum job-site concept that targets students.  Will we win the NYP-DBS business challenge and walk away with the grand prize?  Watch this space!  

> Feb 2018 - Boon Lay Secondary School

Career Guidance Day 2018.  The graduating Sec 4 Express and Sec 5 Normal Academic students were greeted by representatives from various Polytechnics who covered a myriad of topics including course selection, entry requirements and more.

Mr Ian Gan provided some real-world perspectives, about how tertiary education is connected to Entrepreneurship.  He also shared his personal journey.

Photo: Top-left.  Mr Ian Gan receiving a token of appreciation from Mr Tan Chor Pang, Principal, BLSS.

> Jan 2018 - Maker Space (NYP)

MS is an innovative workshop X incubator that encourages hand-on creations, including 3D printing, fabric-weaving and more.  Tons of collaboration opportunities between SV and MS here.

Top-left: Director Innovation & Entreprise Office, Mr Yang Tien & SV's Chairman, Mr Ian Gan.

> Jan 2018 - iSparks Challenge. School of Info-technology (NYP)

The bi-annual iSparks Challenge is a business competition held by the SIT to encourage its student-preneurs to explore and create.  It seeks to offer students their 1st taste of entrepreneurship that will hopefully, create entrepreneurs out of them.

- Netprof sought to use Blockchain to authenticate diploma and degree certificates.

- Ingenious Food Inspector created a mobile application that provides virtual nutritional advice.

- Virtual Nurse extends medical advice and assistance to the aged.

- Dash is an all-in-one scheduling app.

- BeastCoin is a crypto-currency targeted at the gaming industry.

- Freelancers Apps gives Fiverr a run for its money.

Well done to all the winners!

Shout-outs SIT Director Dennis Ang and team!


> Jan 2018 - School of BioTechnology (NYP)

Tour of the laboratories led by Dr Cherine Tan, Dr Jeffrey Seng & Dr Hannah Gardner.  The tour opened our eyes about the world of Bio-technology and the miracles It can produce.

Scientists often face the challenge of taking their inventions to market.  Said challenges include business functions such as financials, prototyping, shipments, distributions and marketing.  SV might be able to help.


> Jan 2018 - Gan Eng Seng Secondary School

Education & Career Guidance Week.  The students of GESS interacted actively with the speakers over the 2 hour event.  One asked for an investment! =D

Left to Right: Mr James Tan (Director Product Marketing, Facebook), Mr Aaron Lee (CTO, JagaMe) and Mr Ian Gan (CEO, SEED Ventures).


Jan 2018 - School of Engineering (NYP)

Driver-less cars, waitressing-robots, 3D printing.  Do you know that Titanium can be 3D-printed?  All in a day's work for the guys at the School of Engineering.

Top-right: Mr Ian Gan with Dr Phua Chee Teck and team.


> Oct 2017 - Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Business is indeed a great equaliser when you have primary 6 students pitching their business ideas in front of peers, teachers and us!  Can you believe they are taught the "4Ps" in Primary school?


> Jan 2017 - Ngee Ann Secondary School

In conjunction with Spirit of Enterprise Award.  Mini-preneurs from Ngee Ann Secondary School with a lot of zeal.


> 2016 - Nanyang Technological University

Entrepreneurs-to-be with a lot of academic credentials.


> 2016 - Nanyang Technological University

Midstream-preneurs from Wuhan Chamber of Commerce with a bit more experience under their belts.


> 2016 - Singapore Management University

Start-ups require more than just financing, they need mentorship and services.