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Funding Roadmap

  • Fund raising is a technical and

lengthy progress that can take 3 - 9 months

  • Click on the bubbled numbers for details

1 week
1 month
3 months
9 months





Call For




Due Diligence


Go-to-Market L1



1st Investment






the Investment



Contact with VC

and Angels


Go-to-Market L2

Investment Unlocked !

1st Pitch

1. Questionaire

  • For the prospective pitcher to summarise the idea/business and the investment opportunity

  • For the organiser to profile pitchers and invite venture partners and industry players

  • As a control to prevent misrepresentation


2. SEED Tank

  • Held every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

  • The purpose of the 1st Pitch is to check for readiness, to see if the Investee Company(IC) is mentally, emotionally and has the resources to go on the  fund raising journey.  

  • Not a technical exercise to plough through documents and spreadsheets.

  • SV will point out shortfalls and provide advice.

Due Diligence Course 101

3. Due Diligence

  • To conduct DD in the 4 standard areas of Marketing, Human Resource, Law and Finance

Call for Resources

4. Call for Resource

  • Opportunity for successful pitchers to meet relevant gatekeepers in person

  • To request for resources such as:

    • Distribution points

    • Connections​

    • Sales points

    • Cash

1st Investment

5. 1st Investment

  • Successful ICs will receive investments ranging from 5K to 300K in the form of cash and/or services.  

  • Services: Branding and Marketing, Human Resource, Law & Finance


6. Go-To-Market L1

  • The purpose is to prepare for the real thing. 

  • Highly technical in nature, the GTM will involve finalising key documents such as roadmaps and going through audits.

  • Involves filming, development of promotional kits.

  • Contact with industry gatekeepers etc

7. Contact with Specific Industrial Gatekeepers

  • This is where the tyre meets the road. 

  • ICs will pitch to specific industry experts and business leaders including other VCs for the purpose of soliciting more resources

Contact with Specific Industrial Gatekeeprs

8. Go-to-Market L2

  • Production of products/services/solutions

  • Scattering

  • MOUs for bulk-purposes or usership

Confrming the Investmnt/Subsequent Investments

9. Confirming the Investment/Subsequent Investments

  • To talk about the future

  • To ink out the roadmap to go public, exit or M&A

Investment Unlocked!

10. Investment Unlocked!

  • Funds are usually dispersed in accordance to a Capital Call Schedule, a 'calendar' that plans out when funds can be unlocked.

  • The unlocking of funds is usually is pegged to Key Performance Indicators previously discussed and agreed upon.

In the form of cash and/or service*

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