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Startup Starter Kit 
(Launch date:26/04/2021)


Startup Starter Kit is an enticement for B2B Platform-based businesses to attract new business owners to join, grow and develop through joint venture capital funding and strategy.


After successful application and venture funding, startups will be able to tap into our range of professional services. Our resources enable startups to focus on revenue-generating processes. 

Upon completion of due diligence, startups can unlock the following:
  • Best prices guaranteed  
  • Fees at 20% lower than the market rates
  • Up to $5,400 worth of credits upon sign-up

Type of Services:

  • Accounting Services*

    • Corporate Secretarial Services

    • Basic Book-keeping/Accounting Services

    • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)

    • Generation of Unaudited Financial Statement (UFS)

  • Data Protection Compliance*

    • Appointment of Data Protection Officer

    • Access to Command Post: Generate Generic/Relevant Data Protection Policies

    • Audit, Reports and Recommendations

  • Insurance*

    • Keyman Insurance

    • Stall-Holder Insurance

  • Website and IT Automation 

    • Basic Corporate Website

    • Professional Corporate Website (showcase of company, products & services)

    • E-Commerce Website (Selling of products/services & collecting payment online)

    • Informative, E-commerce or Marketplace App Development

  • Marketing Services

    • Creative Content Marketing

    • SEO, SEM and Paid Marketing Ads Management

    • Social Media Marketing Solutions

  • Human Resouurce Management

    • Range of HR services 

    • Employee Payroll and IR8A Matters

    • Employee Contracts and ESOP Matters

  • Sales Consultancy Training

    • Development of Customised Sales Strategies 

    • Structured Sales Funnels 

*Services marked are mandatory upon venture funding and sign-up.

List of Services to Utilise Your Credits

*Services marked are mandatory upon venture funding and sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are a total of 3 directors in the company. 1 of them is 28 years old. Can we still qualify for the discounted fee?

    • No. All directors must be 26 years old and below to qualify. Not to worry, you do enjoy your tier of discounts too.


  2. Can the credits be used for any type of payment for our services?

    • No. It is only for professional fees rendered. 3rd party costs and disbursements (to ACRA or an external service provider) are not included. 


  3. How does the "best prices guarantee" work?

    • Yes. Apart from the credits offered, our preferred vendors provide such a guarantee to ensure prices quotes are the most competitive in the market.  Any difference in price, ceteris paribus, will be refunded back to the startup. Take for instance a situation where our vendor quotes $950, and the startup pays $450 after $500 in credits are applied.  If the startup is able to provide a receipt for the same services at $830, the difference of $120 ($950 - $830 = $120) will be refunded back to the startup.


  4. Why is SEED Ventures doing this?  What's in it for you?

    • SEED Ventures is a venture capital investment company that invests for capital gains. Instead of worrying about the cost of professional services, we keep these costs low or near cost. We want our startups to focus on revenue-generating work such as business development.


  5. Can I use my credits after the period of validity?

    • ​​No. We want to ensure that your company accommodates to compliance in a timely manner, and your business is growing in the most progressive manner.


  6. What's next after signing up? Can I find out more in-depth about the category of your services?

    • ​​A portfolio manager will contact you within 24 hours. He or she will arrange for you to meet the person-in-charge of the respective services for follow-up meetings. We will scope your requirements together with you thereafter.



*Terms and conditions apply.  The Company reserves the rights to modify information contained herein without prior notice.  This is NOT an offer.

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