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A Licensed Partner (LP) is SEED Ventures' (SV) eyes-on-the-ground to look for investment opportunities.  As an authorised representative of SV, his/her scope involves:

  1. curating pitches

  2. administrating deals

  3. taking businesses to 'market'

  4. assisting companies to exit

If you are interested in the world of venture capital and would like to be part of it, we welcome you to sign up for the LP programme.

You would first attend a 2-day training to gain an intensive insight to how the business works.  Upon completion of the training, selected individuals would be granted the Licensed Partnership agreement.


Benefits of Being an LP

1. Training​

  • 2 day SAP training by Venture Partners

2. Branding (valid for 1 year)

  • Branding on SV's website as an Authorised Licensed Partner

  • Invitation to all of SV's events

  • Printed Business cards as a Licensed Partner

3. Certification (valid for 1 year)

  • Awarded with a Licensed Partner Certificate

4. Guaranteed Traction

  • Guaranteed commissions (within 1 year or your training fees back)

  • Attractive commission structure 

Keen to get involved?

  1. Attend info-session (1 hour) - FOC

  2. Attend LP training (2 days) - fees apply

  3. Attend LP interview (selected candidates only)

  4. Go-to-market

Training Fees: S$680/-

Contact Venture Partner, Nash via email at for more details.

More info on the course here.

Benefits of being an LP

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is the LP suitable for

    • It is suitable for anyone interested in the domain of small business investing.

    • Candidates should possess some knowledge in finance, investments and as well as be well connected.

  2. What in included in the fees?

  3. Who are the trainers?

    • Nash M. - Partner (Business Development), SEED Ventures

    • Ian Gan - Chairman, SEED Holdings​

  4. It says that only selected candidates will eventually be licensed?

    • All attendees will be given a certificate of participation after the training.

    • Small business investing is a highly specialised field that demands a gamut of skill-sets.  Attendees will be selected to be licensed based on the following factors:

      • professional background

      • work experience

      • like-ability

      • aptitude​

  5. What type of support will I be given when dealing with a prospective client?

    • Support from team leaders

    • Operations team​

    • Marketing kits, legal templates and other resources

  6. What is a 'prospect'?

    • A prospect can be any startup or SME seeking resources such as funding and marketshare

  7. What happens when I meet a prospect?

    • Identify if prospect is suitable (based on SV's investment mantra which will be covered during the training)

    • bring prospect down to SV's HQ located in 250 Orchard Road​

    • your team leader will chair the meeting and close the deal on your behalf

  8. What is the timeline from sign-up to seeing results?

    • Depending on aptitude and how well-connected the LP is, between 3 to 9 months.​

  9. How much income can one reasonably expect to make with the LP?

    • LPs can reasonably expect to make upwards of $5,000 per month within 6 months after the training.

    • Commissions apply.

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